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Frequently Asked

Do I need to file taxes in India if I am an NRI?

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It depends on your income sources in India. If you have income from rent, investments, or fixed deposits, filing an Indian tax return might be mandatory.

What documents do I need to file my NRI tax return?

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The required documents vary depending on your income sources. Generally, you'll need your PAN card, bank statements, investment details, and passport.

Can I file my NRI tax return myself?

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While it's possible, consulting an NRI tax expert can ensure accuracy, save time, and maximize your tax benefits.

What are the deadlines for filing NRI tax returns?

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The deadline for filing Indian tax returns is typically July 31st of the assessment year.

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What happens if I don't file my NRI tax return?

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Not filing your return can lead to penalties and interest charges. It's crucial to file on time to avoid complications.

What is the process for filing income tax returns in both India and my country of residence?

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iNRI offers a streamlined digital filing process. Our tax experts will help you prepare and file your returns in compliance with the tax laws of both India and your country of residence.

Can iNRI help with reducing TDS on property sales in India?

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iNRI’s tax experts will assist in applying for a Lower TDS Certificate, ensuring you benefit from reduced tax deductions and higher net proceeds.

What is the importance of 15CA and 15CB certificates for fund transfers?

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These certificates are crucial for compliance with tax regulations for repatriating funds.

How can iNRI help with capital gain tax planning?

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Our experts provide strategic advice to optimize your capital gains tax liabilities, ensuring you benefit from tax-saving opportunities while remaining compliant with tax laws.

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