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Why invest in India?
average return in
mutual funds
trillion dollars
GDP growth
enough to start
investing in India
Indian stock market
growth since 2002
Personalised mutual fund investing options which gives you
12-20 % returns
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Investing Options
How iNRI is different from others?
We handle end to end investing process for our customers
Open NRE/NRO Account
Easy, fast and secure way for NRIs to bank in India
• RBI registered banks
• Earn attractive interest rate*
• Robust Netbanking
Lightning Fast Onboarding
Complete KYC in 3 easy steps
• Create investor profile
• Add nominee details
• Add bank details
Taxation & Repatriation
Easy taxation & repatriation process
• Personalized consultations with NRI-specialized taxation experts
• File ITRs hassle-free & maximize the refunds
• Apply for 15CA & CB & Make your (NRO-NRE) transfers stress-free
We are trusted by customers from
“Inri’s seamless platform has reinvented investing in India. I could invest in index mutual funds within 3 days compared to weeks earlier.”
~Abhiroop CVK
Brooklyn, NY
"Managing my Indian portfolio has never been easier. I can see my investments, no need to call my India broker and converse back & forth."
~Tanvi T
Toronto, Canada
"Inri’s user-friendly platform, diverse fund options, and exceptional support make it the top choice for NRIs. Their seamless SIP options can be easily setup and it makes regular investing effortless."
~Suman Paul
London, UK
Your money is safe & secure
Your money is regulated by mutual fund companies. Inri doesn’t keep or handle your money
iNRI Process
We are a certified Mutual Fund distributor registered with Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) with Reg. No. 273414
Invest in Indian mutual funds & grow your money
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest with Inri?

NRI investing in India is cumbersome, difficult to start with and needs local insights for making investment choices. We simplify the operational challenges and provide deep market understanding to guide you at each step. Inri is your personal wealth advisor and offer a one-stop platform to invest in India.

Why invest in India?

India is set to be the world’s fastest growing major economy of this decade. Index funds in India have grown 73% vs 42% growth of US Index in the last 5 years. With the Fed increasing interest rates, US equities have taken a hit but Indian markets are still strong. With India’s young talent and strong capital inflows, India is on the path towards becoming a global superpower.

How will taxation work?

One has to pay taxes in India for the income and capital gains accrued in India. You may have to declare it in your foreign country to avoid double taxation. We streamline the entire process and take care of your tax fillings so that you don’t get mired in tax hassles.

I don’t know where to invest in India. Where do I start?

Absolutely, our team has put in the research so you don’t have to. We offer a curated basket of instruments, based on your financial goals and risk appetite.

Is my money safe?

Your money always stays with you. The funds directly flow from your bank account to the the financial instruments (e.g. mutual fund, ETFs, etc.). We are your personal advisor and help guide your investment choices best aligned to your financial goals.

How does currency exchange work here?

Your money gets converted into INR when it’s deposited in the Indian bank account. All your investments are in INR and are redeemed in INR back to your Indian bank account. You can easily repatriate it back through an NRE account (no limits) and NRO account (upto $1M annually).

Which accounts are required?

One just needs a NRE/NRO bank account to start investing in Mutual Funds.

Do you help open bank accounts as well?

Yes, we’ve partnered with Indian major banks and help provide support in opening all required accounts faster at no extra fees.

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We are a certified Mutual Fund distributor registered with
Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) with Reg. No. 273414
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