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Inri: Tailored investment platform for Indian immigrants, offering long-term wealth creation, personalized baskets, and seamless user experience.
October 14, 2023
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As an Indian immigrant looking to invest in India, Investing in India can seem daunting, with a wide variety of funds available and complex tax and repatriation regulations. That’s where Inri comes in.

Our platform is designed on a few fundamental tenets to help customers get the best value from our platform:

  • Risk adjusted long-term wealth creation We don’t believe and encourage get rich quick schemes. Hence, we only select the investments that have the potential to create wealth over the long-term, while adjusting to your risk preferences. By following a duly researched, passive approach to investing, we ensure you don’t have to keep worrying about your money and can focus on other things in life.
  • Personalised Baskets At Inri, we believe that investing should be a personalised experience that aligns with your unique financial goals and risk preferences. We offer a range of handpicked investment baskets featuring top, reputable funds in India, tailored to your specific needs. You choose the basket that aligns with your preferences and we take care of the rest.
  • End-to-end user experience We are not just a wealth advisor. Investing in India has a subpar experience currently because of the lack of awareness, trust and operational challenges. With our additional commitment on full repatriation and taxation compliance, we aim to provide a seamless digital experience of investing from abroad.
  • Customer Centricity We only make investments we would want for ourselves, and operate with complete transparency and flexibility about all your investments. We don’t operate with lock-ins, you can exit whenever you want to.

Investing in India has never been easier or more tailored to your individual needs. Join the Inri community today and start investing in India with confidence.

Inri, backed by Y Combinator, is an investment platform dedicated to NRIs & OCIs to invest in Indian markets. Inri is like Wealthfront for India, making investing in India fast and hassle-free.

This article does not provide any investment advice. Please consult your financial advisor before investing.

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