KYC for NRIs - First Step Towards Mutual Fund Investing

KYC or Know Your Customer is a one-time process that NRIs as well as resident Indians need to complete to be able to transact in mutual funds in India. Read this article to understand how you can register your KYC on iNRI.

January 10, 2024
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Investing in the home country has been a wish of many NRIs. But, the entire process of getting started can be daunting. Filling out forms, complying with the Know Your Customer (KYC) norms, and attestations have been demotivating for many.

The entire process can now be completed from the comfort of your home, thanks to online investing. But before you invest, you must be KYC compliant. It is mandatory for all - Indian residents and NRIs. 

The best part is you can do it online without having to run around financial institutions. Let's get your KYC sorted and start investing without any further delay. 

What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

KYC is a process through which financial institutions validate your legitimacy. To undergo this verification, you must submit all the necessary KYC documentation (list follows) before investing in India. 

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) mandates all financial institutions to conduct the KYC process for every customer (including NRIs) before granting permission to engage in any financial transactions. 

But why is KYC important for NRIs? KYC helps verify your identity, assess potential risks, prevent fraud, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements. For investing in India, it is mandatory for you to be KYC compliant.

KYC is a crucial tool in overseeing financial entities and curbing unlawful activities.

You can choose online KYC verification or prefer the offline option; it is a straightforward and one-time procedure. Doing it online will save you a lot of time and effort. Let's see how you can do it using iNRI.  

How Can NRIs do their KYC on iNRI?

iNRI helps you invest in Indian mutual funds in the easiest and most convenient way. The entire process is completely online. Here's how you can complete your KYC and start investing in mutual funds:

Step 1: Visit the iNRI website

Step 2: Login/ Signup using your email ID

Step 3: Verify by confirming the link sent to the given email. 

Step 4: Enter all your details and click ‘Next’ to proceed. 

Step 5: Enter your PAN number to check if you are KYC compliant or not. Don’t worry! You can complete the KYC by clicking on the button ‘Complete KYC’.

Step 6: On the following page (your iNRI dashboard), to start the KYC process, click on the ‘Initiate KYC’ button. But, before you do that, make sure you have all the documents handy for upload. You can find the Checklist on the right corner. 

Step 7: Enter your current residential address details, upload all the necessary documents and the In-Person Verification (IPV) video (here’s how you can do it). Submit for KYC to initiate your KYC process. 

Step 8: Your KYC is now initiated and you will be notified of its progress. In case of any mismatch or additional documentation, you will receive an email from our team. 

Upon successful verification of your KYC documents, you can start your investment journey. But before that, complete your investor profile, add nominee details and bank details.

What are the Documents Required for NRI KYC?

The following are the list of documents that you should submit for KYC processing:

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Hand Signature Photo (sign on a white background and ensure it matches your PAN and Passport)
  • Indian PAN Card
  • Passport front and back page
  • Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card
  • Current Address Proof
  • Driver/Learner license/ID Card (Unexpired) or
  • Utility bill (dated within 3 months)
  • Bank Statement (dated within 3 months)

Note: Credit card statement is not an acceptable document

How to Change Your KYC Status to NRI?

If you currently have a KYC status as a resident Indian and wish to switch it to NRI, you can simply follow the above mentioned steps to change your KYC status. 

It's crucial to update your KYC status promptly after becoming an NRI to ensure that your mutual fund investments comply with regulations.

How Can NRIs Update KYC Details?

You can update your KYC details through a KRA.

Also, as per the guidelines laid down by the RBI, all banking institutions have to update their account holders' customer identification details periodically. During these times, account holders need to undergo re-KYC and submit the necessary documents. 


Being KYC compliant means you can now invest in any mutual fund in India. You do not have to repeatedly keep doing your KYC each time you choose to invest in a new mutual fund.

Once done, you are all sorted.

At iNRI, we are happy to help you with your KYC process and mutual fund investing. It's pretty straightforward, but in case of any hiccups, feel free to get in touch with us.

KYC for NRIs Investing in Mutual Fund and Stocks: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know my KYC Status?

You'll know the KYC status when you enter your PAN on our website. 

Can NRIs invest in mutual funds in India?

Asset Management Companies (AMCs) allow NRIs to invest in Indian mutual funds. You must adhere to the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) rules. However, there are restrictions for US and Canada NRIs. Also, you must be KYC compliant to start investing in mutual funds.

Is a PAN card needed for KYC?

Yes, a PAN card is necessary for KYC.

Can NRIs complete their KYC without going to the bank?

Yes, NRIs can complete their KYC without going to the bank. With online KYC procedures, you can complete the process from the comfort of your home. You must upload all the necessary documents and submit an in-person verification video.

What are the advantages of completing KYC?

Upon completing your KYC, you can make multiple investments in various stocks and mutual funds using the same KYC.

In case you need to update your address across all your mutual fund investments, you don't have to do it individually for each. Simply updating it in your KYC profile will automatically apply the change to all your mutual fund folios.

How to Check NRI KYC Status?

You can check your KYC status through any KYC Registration Agencies (KRA). Just enter your PAN number and verify by entering the captcha to check your KYC status. For example, you can visit the CAMS KRA website, and enter your PAN number to track the status. 

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